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Wrap aroud covers in resolution for paperback book cover print.

Note:  if you are not going to publish your book on paper but only as ebook, obviously you can buy at the same price our covers and use only the front cover. Same price if you need the illustration only without typography.
Also if you need the image only the price will be the same.

All the covers in the catalogue below are available.
If you want to reserve one (or more) just contact us, and tell us which one you prefer by indicating the catalogue title of the cover.

Original Art:

  • Everything we create is original. We don’t use templates or start with any pre-existing art.

Rate includes:

  • Exclusive* and complete commercial rights of the illustration.

  • Free customized typography if required.

  • Same size as the template layout you supplied.

  • Easy payments via PayPal.


What we need from you to customize and finish the cover of your book:

  • Title and subtitle of the book (if any), text of the synopsis of the book, brands (if any), and any other text that appears on the cover page.

  • If the book is printed as paperback a template of the cover of the final printed book (preferably in PDF format), or the exact measurements of the book cover (preferably in centimetres) including the spine and dead area on sides.


Price and payment

  • The price is $115 USD. There is a discount for multiple purchases paid in one order.

  • To reserve the cover definitively we need an advance of $50 USD via PayPal. The cover will be considered officially booked and the work will begin only when the advance is paid.

  • After receiving the advance payment and all the info about your book, we will start to work on the layout and we will send you via email drafts watermarked.

  • After your definitive approval of the cover and complete payment of $65 USD via PayPal (at the same PayPal account), we will send you the final full wrap cover, suitalble for printing in hi-res with all the typography in jpg format without compression and in PDF, and also the front cover portion only in size for Amazon ebook.

* Note:

  • Exclusive use* means that You may use in exclusive the artwork for Your commercial products, for promotional purposes and/or to produce promotional material (such as t-shirts, gadgets and so on) or any other way You want to use it. 

  • Of course,  We as the author shall have the right to claim authorship of the work and to object to any distortion, modification of, or other derogatory action in relation to the said work, which would be prejudicial to our honour or reputation. You do not have the right to resell the work to third parties as if it were yours.

  • Of course, We are entitled to use these images to promote our work.


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Science fiction/Military characters (93 covers available) 
Spaceships and technology (21 covers available) 
Alien characters  (22 covers available) 
Cyberpunk/Techno characters  (27 covers available)