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A book of illustrations and graphic novels totally devoted to the masters of cosmic horror

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This book is a labour of love for the imaginative universes of H.P Lovecraft and the worlds of his epigone, friend and contemporary Clark Ashton Smith, and is the fruit of many years of reading, collecting visual ideas and artworks on the subject.
I had been wanting to do this book of illustrations for many years, and finally this year I decided to complete it with more new illustrations, and also add some short graphic novels as icing on the cake.
Obviously most of the book is dedicated to Lovecraft, because his "Myths" have a larger literary corpus than Smith’s, due to the fact that many later writers have expanded its boundaries, but I have dedicated the longest and most complex graphic novel to Clark Ashton Smith, because his literary world, although very close to Lovecraft’s, has a fantastic descriptive richness, which has been a great inspiration to me.
What you will have in your hands is the result.

- 68 thematic illustrations devoted to the masters of cosmic horror
- 5 short thematic graphic novels
- 130 pages, printed in full colour in large format, size 21.59 x 27.94 cm

He writes about himself: Science Fiction and Fantasy always had a remarkable weight in my whole personal and professional life. I have been a professional SF author, I edited a fantasy and horror movie magazine, and for ten years have been chief modelmaker in my own special effects company.
In the last decades my creativity has leaned towards computer graphics and 3D illustrations in particular, with which I wanted to create professional artworks for books, games and magazines.
I’m happy to say that in the last decades this objective has been fulfilled, with hundred of works sold worldwide, mainly in Anglo-Saxon countries, to private and corporate clients. Currently I’m building my worlds in Bologna, Italy, where I share a home with Paola and my cat Giapeto.


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